• I have known Sookhee for the best part of 6 years in which time I have seen her work tirelessly going from back to back massaging and loosening knots all over the world, especially mine. I'm so happy to see her business grow into Thee Best Hands and become a successful enterprise. I can't recommend the service enough to be honest. All the staff is friendly and very proficient. Unlike other therapists they actually listen to what you need and act accordingly. I hope that you will be able to experience the true quality of The Best Hands.
    -     Joseph Hachem 

  • I have known Sookhee for over 10 years.  I have been a client of hers, when she worked as a massage therapist, from the beginning of my career. She is a hard working manager when it comes to her team.   She is always very professional with both colleagues and clients.  She is well known and well liked by all the Professional poker players. 
    -     Daniel Negraneu
    Professional Poker Player

  • I've known and been a client of Sookhee's for many years. She has always handled herself in a very professional manner and is extremely well liked and respected in the industry. Her presence at any event is always a huge plus for the players. 
    -     Erik Seidel
    Professional Poker Player

  • Sookhee has always been to me the best massage therapist and for many years now!!!  I met her while I was managing the poker club of the Aviation Club de France 10 years ago, and since I turned pro, I have used almost exclusively her services while traveling to tournaments.  She's professional, talented and understands what a poker player is going through while giving the massage...  She manages her team, dispatches masseuses, and runs her company according to the needs of her clients.  She's simply the best!
    -     Isabelle Mercier
    Professional Poker Player

  • Thee Best Hands Massage has great massage therapists.  It's a great way to reduce the stress of poker.  Highly recommended.   Thee Best Hands massages really help on those long days of sitting at the tables, and their therapists are the best.
    -     Kathy Leibert
    Professional Poker Player